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Sharon Kinsella is currently a lecturer in Japanese visual culture at the University of Manchester. She got her Ph.D from Oxford University in 1996 and has worked in the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, and Yale previously. During the 1990s and the 2000s she has been involved in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research looking at emergent social trends linking youth, the media, subculture, corporate culture and new modes of governance, based on Japanese case studies with global application. Areas of special application include cuteness, schoolgirl and gyaru culture, Japanese transracialism, otaku subculture, the manga industry, men's comics and weekly magazines, and male cultural imagination and journalism.


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Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion in Japan

Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion in Japan analyses the cult of schoolgirlsin contemporary Japan and the interaction of girls’ street fashions - ganguro and kogyaru - and male journalistic and subcultural forms organised predominantly around the fetishistic portrayal of young girls and schoolgirls. This is an exposition of the dense web of political and cultural symbolism surrounding images of at times racialised, sexualised and rebellious girls which link directly to complex and enduring sentiments about female emancipation.




BOOK (2000)

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Adult Manga: Culture and power in contemporary Japanese society



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Female Revolt in Male Cultural Imagination in Contemporary Japan

The Fourth Chino Kaori Memorial 'New Vision' Lecture, October 2006, London (Printed in 2007 English and Japanese.)




Statistics and Narratives: How Compensated Dating Was Sold
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Blackfaces, Witches and Racism Against Girls
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Ganguro: Racial and Transracial looks in Japanese girls’ culture
(in Japanese) in Aoyagi Hiroshi and Tosa Masaaki eds. Choetsu Suru Popyura- Bunka to Sozo no Ajia, Tokyo: Mekon Sha, 2005, 43-71

What's behind the fetishism of schoolgirls' uniforms in Japan?
(article) in the journal Fashion Theory 6:2, June 2002

Feticci in uniforme: il fenomeno kogyaru (chapter), pages 91-110
Disegni a rischio: gli otaku e il movimento del manga amatoriale (chapter), pages 181-219 in Alessandro Gomarasca ed. La bambola e il robottone. Culture pop nel Giappone contemporaneo, Einaudi: Torino, 2001

An Interview with Oe Kenzaburo
in Japan Forum, 12(2) 2000,pages 229-237

Japanese high-school girl brand
in, Jane Pavitt ed. London: V & A Publications, September 2000, pages 104-105

Adult Manga: Culture and Power in Contemporary Japanese Society
(book) Curzon Press & Hawaii University Press, June 2000

Tolerance, politics and the Japanese imagination
(Interview with the novelist and Nobel prize winner, Oe Kenzaburo)
in Prometheus Issue 3, March 2000

Pop-culture and the balance of power in Japan
(article) Media. Culture & Society, Vol. 21: 567-572, Summer 1999

Les manga apprivoises : la culture japonaise de la fin du siecle
(article) in Manga: Une plongee dans un choix d'histoires courtes
printed by the Maison de la culture du Japon Paris, October 1999

Amateur manga subculture and the manga otaku panic
(article) in Journal of Japanese Studies,
Washington University Press, Summer 1998

Di "giapponizzazione" dei giovani in Europa
[The Japanization of European youth] (article) in the book NightWave97,
Carlo Branzaglia ed. Milan: Costa & Nolan, May 1998

Changes in the social status, form and content of adult manga between 1985-1995
(article) in Japan Forum, Routledge, Spring 1996

Cuties in Japan
(chapter) in Women, Media and Consumption in Japan
Brian Moeran and Lise Scov eds. Curzon & Hawaii University Press, 1995


Some of the published articles and chapters listed above are available online on this website. Available titles are listed below. Double-click on the titles to open the texts. These texts may be read, downloaded or printed out.

Universal Orientalism for Future Global Citizens?

The Japanization of European youth

Amateur manga subculture and the otaku panic

Cuties in Japan

Adult manga: pro-establishment pop-culture in the 1990s

Blackfaces, Witches and Racism Against Girls

Female Revolt in Male Cultural Imagination in Contemporary Japan


体制化した漫画 − ポップカルチャーに反映される「力の均衡」





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